Friday, July 11, 2008

City Girl

I think I have officially become a city girl. Well, maybe not, since I live in the 'burbs. And spent some time last weekend on a 4-wheeler in the woods. But I am definitely more citified than I ever imaged.
1. I take public transit everyday.
2. I have a public transit pass...for 2 cities, Philly and NYC.
3. I have taken the New York subway by myself twice now, and both time got on the correct train and ended up where I wanted to be.
4. I walked in Central Park today.
5a. I know that Philly has a Northeast, Northern Libs, Center City (NOT downtown), University City, Old City, Society Hill, West Philly and South Philly.
5b. New York is Uptown, Mid-town, Downtown, and then all the neighborhoods.
6. I don't like places without streetlights at night.
7. I don't carry a purse (and typically not even a wallet), I carry a backpack.
8. I don't think 20 blocks is a long walk. I wouldn't do it every day, but it is totally do-able.
9. I don't wear heels anymore; sneakers are my shoe of choice.
10. I do not think every time I go into the city "I hope I don't get mugged." I'm pretty sure if anyone tried I could run them down, because my giant bag is so heavy. Or they would be very disappointed by my lack of wallet.